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2023 Cresskill Alpine Baseball / Softball / Kickball

Mission Statement

Cresskill Alpine Baseball & Softball's main objective is to promote the sport by teaching youths from both Cresskill and Alpine develop solid baseball foundation by teaching them basic baseball fundamentals, establish commitment for continuous improvement and development of high level baseball skills, put in hard work for success, be competitive and win games, but accepting that winning will never become more important than teamwork, leadership, and good sportsmanship.

This mission is not only for players but for the Cresskill and Alpine baseball community as a whole including family members and volunteer coaches.  Although being competitive is encouraged and welcomed, the CAB Association's primary focus is promoting the sport of baseball and softball.  The association measures success not by the number of wins, but rather, player retention.  Championships are just icing on the cake!

Board Members

  • Derrick Cusick (President)
  • Bryan Couch
  • Ray Coleman
  • Bill Dodds
  • Chris Lavin
  • Eric Lewin
  • James (Wei Chung) Wang
  • Dennis (Rusty) Madison
  • Chris Santilli
  • Dennis Migardos
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Dennis Hermann



  • Joanie Kopczynski