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2023 Cresskill Alpine Baseball / Softball / Kickball

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Jan, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 1/18/2023)

An overwhelming amount of emails are sent to [email protected] Unfortunately, the Board will not be able to review and respond to your email on a timely fashion. Therefore, we ask that you carefully review the following FAQs first before you reach out to us or any of our Program Directors. The following FAQs should answer most of the general questions. The page will be UPDATED continuously so please make sure to visit the site often. Thank you.

Question 1: How do I know if my child has been registered?
Answer 1: If you are in receipt of the auto-generated confirmation of purchase, your child has been registered.

Question 2: Do we have to forward a copy of the payment confirmation to [email protected] as instructed in the acknowledgement?
Answer 2: No, a copy has already been sent to the Board. If needed, the Board will reach out to you for a copy.

Question 3: When are the practices and games (if applicable) per week?
Answer 3: It will all depend on the Program, the volunteer coach and field availability. Upon completion of the registration and official assignment of the coaches, the schedule will be made public shortly after. You will be contacted by your child's head coach and/or the league director.

Question 4: Which Program can my child sign up?
Answer 4: It all depends on your child's birthday/grade.  Please check "Quick Links" and go to "2023 Spring Programs - Grade (Age Range) Reference".

Question 5: Does my child have to participate in the In-Town/REC baseball/softball program to play Travel?
Answer 5: Yes, it is a requirement.

Question 6: Although my child falls outside of a specific Program due to his/her age, can the Board manually transfer my child to such Program so he/she can play with his/her grade friends?
Answer 6: Yes, in certain circumstances, we can make an exception. Please contact your Program Director or email [email protected] with your child's name, birthday, and her preferred Program.

Question 7: When will the Spring season start?
Answer 7: In early April.

Question 8: What equipment does my child need?
Answer 8: The Program will provide your child with uniforms and the general use of team helmets, face masks (softball), catcher's gear, and bats but most buy their own gloves, cleats, helmets, face masks (softball), and bats for their own individual personal use. We do recommend it so your child can get used to his/her own equipment throughout the season. Use the Dick's discount coupon offered on the site.

Question 9: If we live in Alpine, can my child register?
Answer 9: It's open to both Cresskill and Alpine residents.

Question 10: Is there a penalty for late registration?
Answer 10: There will be a STRICT $50 penalty fee per child for late registration (NO EXCEPTION). Please make sure to register before the deadline.

Question 11: Can I volunteer to coach a team?
Answer 11: Yes, however, there are some strict requirements. Please go to Volunteer Coach 2023 (online classes, certification, screening, fingerprinting, etc.) This has to be done before you can get on the field to coach.