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2022 Cresskill Alpine Baseball / Softball / Kickball

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Mar, 2021

2021 Spring Programs - CHECK HERE for Additional Information

* The Spring schedule for practices / games will depend on player turn-out, volunteer coaches availability during the week/weekend, and field availability.  We will have more definitive schedule closer to Opening Day once all of the above are set.  Generally for Baseball, 3 or 4 times a week; for Softball 2 or 3 days a week; and for Kickball 1 or 2 days a week.

In Town Baseball Programs

Intro to Baseball (Kindergarten): Age (min 9/1/2014 to max 8/31/2015)
T-Ball (1st Grade): Age (min 9/1/2013 to max 8/31/2014)
Farm League (2nd Grade): Age (min 9/1/2012 to max 8/31/2013)
International League (3rd Grade to 4th Grade): Age (min 9/1/2010 to max 8/31/2012)
Majors League (5th Grade to 6th Grade): Age (min 9/1/2008 to max 8/31/2010)
Knickerbocker League (7th Grade to 8th Grade): Age (min 6/1/2006 to max 8/31/2008)

In-Town Softball Programs

Intro to Softball (Kindergarten to 1st Grade): Age (min 8/31/2015 to max 9/1/2013)
Coach / Kid Pitch (2nd Grade): Age (min 8/31/2013 to max 9/1/2012)
Minors (3rd Grade to 4th Grade): Age (min 8/31/2012 to max 9/1/2010)
Majors (5th Grade to 6th Grade): Age (min 8/31/2010 to max 9/1/2008)
Juniors (7th Grade to 8th Grade): Age (min 8/31/2008 to 9/1/2006)

In-Town Pre-K Kickball Program

Pre-K Kickball:
Age (min 8/31/2016 to max 9/1/2015)